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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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First Listen: Getter – ‘I Want More’ LP // Out 5th Feb 2013 on Firepower Records

First Listen: Getter – ‘I Want More’ LP // Out 5th Feb 2013 on Firepower Records
Salad Days

‘I Want More’ LP
(Firepower Records)
Release Date: Tue 5th February 2013

It is a firm substantiation of Tanner Petulla’s talents that before he had even turned 18 he had already been tapped for releases on Ultragore, Prime Audio, Chronos and Firepower Records. This San Jose native, known to the music world as Getter, has been taking over stages across America for the last two years with his high energy presence and bass infused sets and has won support for his original productions from scene stalwarts such as Rusko, Flux Pavilion and Borgore, as well as Datsik who snapped him up for Firepower. Having debuted on the label with the deadly five-track ‘Psycho’ EP, Petulla is now making his return to the label on 5th February with his debut album. ‘I Want More’ reveals the evolution in Getter’s sound, showcasing a technical and creative talent that belies his youth. Opening the LP is the gnarled ‘Papercuts’ which doesn’t waste any time in cutting to the chase, with Getter holding little back as he reels off swathes of rude bass acrobatics over a big drum bounce. Next in line is Getter’s remix of like-minded producer 12Guage’s ‘Clutch’. Flipping the track, he takes things back to their roots laying out thunderous subs and chopped vocals over a heavy steppers’ rhythm. ‘Gunshots’ then picks up the energy again with its racing 8-bit arpeggios, lazer-like synths and pounding drums. Getter joins forces with hometown companion Slosh on ‘Crack That’, and the two young guns demonstrate that age is clearly not of importance delivering a dub-laced skank that is met with a maniacal bass drop. Up next Getter switches things up again with ‘Aggravate’, a demonic drum and bass powerhouse that showcases his versatility before ‘Fallout’ brings things right down with its enormous industrial lurch ready to slice through any dancefloor that it is unleashed upon. Keeping up the heat, the title track reveals yet another dimension to the young producer’s sound, layering funk-fuelled synths over a tough groove before ripping it to shreds with his signature guttural bass. Closing the LP in fine style is ‘Lose Focus’, an elite collaboration with label head Datsik and label mate The Frim alongside Snak The Ripper. The track’s jerky snyths and manic blueprint are a compelling combination with the song’s chilling lyrics and dangerously sharp edge, an uncompromising way to play out the album. Still in the early days of his career, Getter has quickly put himself head and shoulders above the crowd and with the release of ‘I Want More’ he is proven he is here to stay and that this is just the start. 2013 looks like it is going to be an extremely busy year…


1.Getter – Papercuts
2.12Gauge – Clutch (Getter Remix)
3.Getter – Gunshots
4.Getter & Slosh – Crack That
5.Getter – Aggravate
6.Getter – Fallout
7.Getter – I Want More
8.Datsik, Getter & The Frim – Lose Focus Ft. Snak The Ripper

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