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Salad Days Magazine | June 19, 2024

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Full Of Hell watch the visionary music video for ‘Spend The Grace’

Full Of Hell watch the visionary music video for ‘Spend The Grace’
Salad Days

Announce collaborative LP with Nothing, ‘When No Birds Sang’ the album is out December 1st on Closed Casket Activities.

Like wolves of the same pack separated at birth, outliers instinctually recognize one another. After twisting and turning through the underground on parallel trajectories, the separate paths of Full Of Hell and Nothing collide on the collaborative LP, ‘When No Birds Sang’ (out December 1st on Closed Casket Activities). At this meeting point, Full Of Hell—Dylan Walker [vocals], Spencer Hazard [guitar], Dave Bland [drums] and Sam DiGristine [bass]—and Nothing’s Domenic “Nicky” Palermo [vocals, guitar] and Doyle Martin [vocals, guitar] burst out of genre confines together with a sound that’s equally dangerous and dynamic. Nothing and Full Of Hell initially crossed paths in the twenty-tens, sharing the bills of shows and festivals intermittently. Dylan and Nicky kept in touch over the years, and the collaboration naturally followed. Together, they built a new “wall of sound” in the middle out of Full Of Hell’s abstract and harsh ambience and Nothing’s searing shoegaze tendencies—conjuring extreme peaks and valleys inspired by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and latter day Swans. Both bands notably wrote ‘When No Birds Sang’ face-to-face in Ocean City, MD and collaborated in-person as much as possible. Eventually, they entered the studio with GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer Will Putney. The atmosphere contributed to the energy of the record itself. ‘Spend The Grace’ arrives alongside a high-concept, allegorical cinematic feature. Directed by Mike Martinez and Tyler Way, the video is opaque in nature but tells a devastating story. Ambitious in scope and concept, ‘When No Birds Sang’ not only showcases the bands’ creative highs, but also some of humanity’s woeful lows —and they introduce this body of work with ‘Spend The Grace’. An unnerving melody gives way to cathartic growls atop a sparse beat, and guitars buzz beneath gritty vocals only to spiral out into trudging distorted crescendo.

‘When No Birds Sang’, tracklisting:

Rose Tinted World
Like Stars In The Firmament
Forever Well
Wild Blue
When No Birds Sang
Spend The Grace

Photo by: Caleb Conner

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