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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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High Command share new track ‘Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery’

High Command share new track ‘Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery’
Salad Days

The song appears on their forthcoming full-length ‘Eclipse Of The Dual Moons’, arriving November 25th via Southern Lord.

High Command share a second track from their forthcoming full length album ‘Eclipse Of The Dual Moons’, arriving 25th November via Southern Lord and produced with Seth Manchester. The new track, ‘Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery’, is a hefty and atmospheric track which tells the story of a perilous quest. In the band’s words: “‘Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery’ is a sonic conquest of ancient lore. A testimony of fortitude peering into the eyes of obliteration. Following an attack from a celestial horde, the Four Realms are cloaked in apprehension. On a fabled whim of the long forgotten Guild Of Sage, Dikeptor & the Infernal March must endure the frozen winds and scale the perilous cliffs of the Serrated Peaks. What lies beneath the clouds is a formidable mystifying power.” Swords and metal go hand in hand. That’s what crossover thrash band High Command say, having turned heads with their debut album ‘Beyond The Wall Of Desolation’ (2019).

‘Eclipse Of The Dual Moons’, tracklisting:

1. Eclipse Of The Dual Moons

2. Immortal Savagery

3. Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery

4. Omniscient Flail Of Infamy

5. Fortified By Bloodshed

6. Chamber Of Agony

7. Siege Warfare

8. Spires Of Secartha

Photo by: Bill Shaner

“Our love for the bay area in the 80’s is certainly no secret. Besides some of the more obvious influences we have I think we were much more comfortable exploring some of the less obvious stuff we hinted at with the first record. Particularly traditional heavy metal (Dio, Mercyful Fate) the south’s interpretation of the bay area (Exhorder, Obituary, Nasty Savage, Devastation, Rigor Mortis) first wave black metal (Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost). Of course all of this executed with the Discharge, Cro-Mags, Sacrilege DNA that runs through our veins” High Command comments.

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