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Salad Days Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Introducing The Tony Hawk Signature Line

Introducing The Tony Hawk Signature Line
Salad Days

To officially launch the collection, iconic skateboarder Tony Hawk was photographed by legendary photographer and director Anton Corbijn…

…to feature a rare glimpse of Tony as a multi-faceted self-made man and mentor to the next generation of skaters. The photographs were revealed on January 18th during Paris Fashion Week at a private exhibition at Galerie M21 in Le Marais, Paris as well online at:

The exhibition showcased Anton Corbijn’s acclaimed photography style to capture the skate icon, creating timeless pieces that deliver powerful insight into the inspiration for the Tony Hawk® Signature Line.

Tony Hawk, commenting on the collaboration said, “The vision behind the range was to give fashion and skate enthusiasts alike a rare glimpse into my life before and beyond skating. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Anton Corbijn – someone who shares a mutual passion for music and raw, unfiltered art – I knew instinctively that the creative direction would be extraordinary.”

Anton Corbijn added, “I hope I captured some of that intriguing combination of playfulness and seriousness I see in Tony. In any case, a real fun day out in a brave new world for me.“

The first delivery of the new Tony Hawk Signature Line features a unique streetwear fashion aesthetic born out of skateboarding culture and iconic moments throughout Tony Hawk’s life. The Autumn/Winter 2019 range, “designed for fans, innovators and iconoclasts” according to Tony Hawk, arrives this June in select top tier fashion and specialty skate stores globally.

Key pieces from the range include:
• Murcroft: melton wool dress overcoat, inspired by Californian leisure wear
• Marshall: melton wool leisure pants, based on Tony Hawk’s love for punk and music
• Shaun: souvenir shirt, highlighting Californian tie-dye
• Johnson: long sleeve t-shirt tie-dyed to the max, featuring a unique past memory from Tony Hawk’s personal photo collection
• Highman: cotton hoody, featuring a unique past memory from Tony Hawk’s personal photo collection


Henry Stupp, CEO of Cherokee Global Brands, added, “Continuing to raise the profile of skateboarding and streetwear globally as we move towards the 2020 Summer Olympics was part of the motivation behind this launch. Most importantly, the collection was inspired by the multi-faceted self-made man that Tony is – he is unequivocally the most credible and iconic voice in skate culture. But he is more than just an iconic skater & global sports personality. We are proud to celebrate Tony – the father, entrepreneur and philanthropist.”

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