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Salad Days Magazine | May 30, 2024

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JID: Vans Sidestripe Sessions

JID: Vans Sidestripe Sessions
Salad Days

This session features music from Atlanta rapper J.I.D. JID performed two songs, ‘Crack Sandwich’ and ‘Raydar’ from the album, ‘The Forever Story’…

…accompanied by art created by Dena Springer. Rapper JID, aka Destin Choice Route, was born and raised in East Atlanta in the 90s. Raised on classic funk and soul, JID‘s influences came from his parent’s record collection mixed with what was happening in modern hip-hop. After releasing mixtapes in the early 2010s, JID made his debut into the hip hop scene in 2015 with his first EP, ‘Dicaprio’. Over the past two decades, JID has collaborated with the most influential names in music and hip-hop, including J. Cole, Anderson Paak, and Pusha T. In 2018, he dropped ‘Dicaprio 2′, serving as a sequel to his debut EP while showcasing his growth as an artist. At the time of the album release, he explained how he’d challenged himself as a lyricist telling Billboard, “A lot of my music is like that. A lot of the stuff that I’m putting out now, it’s stuff that I made back then — and I’m still creating new s***. So these [songs] just gonna have to catch up gradually.” Now, JID is ready to share his third studio album, ‘The Forever Story’, set to release in 2021. In responding to fans on Twitter, JID revealed the album has a new production direction compared to his previous albums and that making this album gave him a new perspective. “I wasn’t sure about this before, but music kinda found me and reminded me of a lot of pain I went thru, and that’s what it takes to make this music, but it always comes fluid and natural.”

Dena Springer is an animator and illustrator based in Chicago, IL. Self-described as “tiny but mighty,” Springer‘s impactful imagery explores our competitiveness as humans and gender. Springer‘s work has been supported by the San Diego Underground Film Festival, GLAS Animation Festival, and more. Follow her work @_yukapuka_

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