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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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LA area punks For Closure (fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo (Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze) release new single ‘Carousel’ via Mindpower Records

LA area punks For Closure (fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo (Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze) release new single ‘Carousel’ via Mindpower Records
Salad Days

Upcoming debut LP out in 2024. RIYL: Samiam, Superchunk, Doughboys.

For Closure began as a simple studio project, a brief opportunity to relay some finality for multi-decade veterans hailing from the punk rock scenes of the Los Angeles County suburbs, who had desired a last hurrah before they closed shop on their previous bands. But what arose from a “goodbye” project was an assortment of compositions so compelling and novel, that there was a change of heart in closing the book on the past and instead, an excitement brewing about the future. Fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo —whose prior contributions include Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze and his namesake, Dead Lazlo’s Place, plus continued memberships in a bevy of bands too numerous to detail— the ensemble’s material stems from a pairing of songwriters Lazlo and Luis Estefania (F.Y.P., Rhythm Collision, Buford), who most recently were together in longtime San Fernando Valley-based outfit For Sale. The dissolution of For Sale left them with a backlog of yet-unrecorded material and a decision to continue establishing their songwriting partnership via a new outlet—hence, For Closure. Armed with a batch of songs, polished and perfected for tracking, they entered the recording studio named Studio in Redlands, California with producer/drummer Wal Rashidi (Jr. Juggernaut, Revolution Mother, Turning Violet) in the summer of 2022 to begin the sessions that would ultimately sprout the band’s first single, ‘Carousel’ to be released via Mindpower Records. This fruitful batch of material led to a second session in winter 2023, to complete the band’s forthcoming debut full-length album, to be released in 2024. Frontman Gizz Lazlo says, ‘Carousel’ was written many, many years ago about a friend’s relationship with his children. Having no children of my own I didn’t understand how that could be. I didn’t understand it. Although, I did see something very toxic in the relationships he had with them. One day, one of his kids spoke to me about how her father treated her at times, and it broke my heart. I wrote this song because of something she once said to me in front of her mother, that her relationship with him was always “up and down, and round and round”. Immediately it reminded me of a carousel. Inspired by that conversation I decided to write this song about it.” For Closure is moving its material from studio to stage, making its live debut this fall, via shows in the Los Angeles area, which also feature guitarist Marc Maxey (Sloth Fist, The Killing Flame, Justice League) and bassist Steve Wilenkin (Life In A Burn Clinic, Dead Man’s Life, IDK). What launched as an exercise in finality is now only the beginning of this new musical collective. It’s time for For Closure’s grand opening.

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