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Salad Days Magazine | May 23, 2024

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Lakai X Porous Walker

Lakai X Porous Walker
Salad Days

Porous Walker is an artist, a through and through skateboarder and a friend of Lakai from Northern California.

Growing up in St. Louis, he always dreamed to skate the giant hills of San Francisco once seen in videos. The dream became reality after he moved in to a garage in the Mission district. Tragedy struck when bombing a hill, he was hit by a taxi cab. During his recovery in Sausalito, he began to draw risqué comics and characters. Over the years, Porous continues to share his perverted works with the world. His art has been featured in various magazines including Penthouse. He has also collaborated in a series for Anti-Hero, a board for Enjoi and a wheel for OJ Wheels. We could not be more stoked to introduce the first Porous Walker footwear and apparel artist collection.





Lakai Limited Footwear | 420 Boyd St | Suite #300 | Los Angeles, CA 90013 | United States

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