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Salad Days Magazine | June 17, 2024

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Living Dead Lights interview


SD: Let’s talk about “Living Dead Lights”. Describe it.
LDL: Raw, Attitude, Rock n Roll with something to say! A cultural experience!

SD: Introduce the band and the past musical experiences (perhaps through your tattoos)
LDL: Taka Tamada Vocals/Guitar… Kyoto Japan
Alan Damien Guitar. Hollywood Ca.
Martin Kelly Bass Ireland/UK
Nick Battani Drums Austin TX
Basically Taka and Alan were friends for a while and used to song write on the side while they were in other bands…and Nick and Martin had played together in a band before too…more or less social circumstances and a series of events brought this band together.

SD: What are the records that have influenced you?
LDL: GNR ‘Appetite For Destruction’! Beatles ‘White Album’, Skid Row ‘Slave To The Grind’, Sex Pistols ‘Nevermind The Bollocks’, Marilyn Manson ‘Antichrist Superstar’, Nirvana ‘Nevermind’, Johnny Cash ‘Folsom Prison’, Dead Boys ‘Young Loud And Snotty’ and 1000′s more!!!!!!

SD: What do you say to those who say that you copy the Hardcore Superstar?
LDL: To be honest we’ve never really heard of them until lately…they don’t play European rock bands in The US…its too bad…Americas rock scene sucks!

SD: If you weren’t been musicians, what job would you have done?
LCD: Martin likes to do magic and juggle, Alan would be a con-artist or a house husband…or a stunt double in porno, Nick would be a bill collector or a shoe salesman, and Taka likes to draw pictures of unicorns and color stuff something like that.

SD: In recent times, what is the record that has disappointed more?
LDL: Almost every new band over the past 10 years! (I dont think theres been very many good new bands since the 90′s) nobody has anything to say anymore…people are becoming too concerned with aesthetics rather than the depth or soul of their music. This is the fault of the industry though…there has been no real artist development since then.

SD: And the cd that you liked most?
LDL: There’s a lot of good cds…right now im listening to Rob Zombies ‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2′ (not his best work but we love Rob & John5)

SD: Do you like Italy? What do you love about our country?
LDL: Italy was amazing! The fans and the people were really cool to us!…Love the quality of the people and their genuineness…the food the countryside, the artwork and the history of every area of the country!

SD: What do you hate about California (where you are from)?
LDL: Hahaha The Los Angeles Airport! LAX and loser poser wannabees.

SD: Ok, thank you very much for the interview. Anything else to say to our readers?
LDL: Get ready for our New Full-Length Record in Spring 2012

Living Dead Lights I Myspace

(Txt by Flavio Ignelzi; Pics by Ricky Monti x Salad Days Magazine – All Rights Reserved)

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