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Salad Days Magazine | July 16, 2024

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Loose Articles Champion Women’s Football on new single ‘Kick Like A Girl’

Loose Articles Champion Women’s Football on new single ‘Kick Like A Girl’
Salad Days

Released 14th June 2022 ahead of Women’s Euros 2022. Manchester punks’ second EP ‘Chaos’ released later this year Via Alcopop! Records.

Following storming sets at Dot To Dot Festival recently, Manchester punk quartet Loose Articles are pleased to reveal the video for their new single ‘Kick Like A Girl’ which is released 14th June 2022 via Alcopop! Records. Arriving just in time to slot into the soundtrack accompanying the fever pitch excitement of the UEFA Women’s Euros 2022 this July, the track is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming second EP, titled ‘Chaos’ and set for release later this year on Alcopop! Records. The new single takes its title from the misogynistic slur often used towards male players who’re not performing as well as they perhaps should be. “It suggests that women can’t play football,” explain the band, “but we’re reclaiming that slur and throwing it back in people’s faces. We want to take these stereotypes in football and turn them on their head.” Taking a starring role in the track is Blackburn Rovers midfielder Bradley Dack—”going in for the attack is Bradley Dack”—an in-joke for the band, who have several Rovers fans in their friendship group. “Dack was meant to be their top scoring player, but he actually spent more time injured than on the pitch,” laugh the band. “It’s just one big wind up really for when we’re down at the boozer with our pals teasing them about Rovers—sorry Bradley!”. Avid fans of the beautiful game themselves, the band’s drummer Louise Rivett is their own personal “woman of the match” playing for Nottingham team Linby Colliery Welfare Ladies FC for over a decade, where England great Peter Shilton presided as the club patron. “Not only that, she was the most improved player for 3 years in a row, as she just keeps on getting better and better,” boast the band. Rivett is also a keen 5 aside regular, and is occasionally joined on the astroturf by Articles‘ guitarist Erin Caine. Commenting on the single, vocalist Natalie Wardle says: “‘Kick Like A Girl’ tackles the narrow mindset of some men towards women and football, as well as a sprinkle of footballing references ranging from Duncan Furguson to Beckham‘s Mohican. With our music we like to raise awareness on issues like misogynistic slurs and attitudes towards women in sports. With this said we still make the tunes fun and comical to grab the attention of people first, before they then realise the tune is making more of a statement on a deeper subject.”

UK Live Dates:

15th July – Clitheroe – Beat-Herder Festival
22nd July – Oxfordshire – TRUCK Fest
3rd Sept – Manchester – Manchester Psych Fest

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