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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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Loud Boyz announce debut full length ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’

Loud Boyz announce debut full length ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’
Salad Days

Due out in July on Cricket Cemetery Records. Premiere new track ‘Knives’!

Washington DC has produced yet another unique musical force with hardcore punks, Loud Boyz. The band has announced their debut full length, ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’, due out this July from Cricket Cemetery Records, and have premiere the album’s first track ‘Knives’. It is a sharp blast of kinetic hardcore punk that announces Loud Boyz intentions in no uncertain terms. This band is here to tear shit up and want you to get in on the fun. The track is a perfect example of the songwriting found on ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’ with the band’s ability to combine the aggression and urgency of hardcore with the undeniable hooks of early punk and garage music on full display. Loud Boyz can craft a hook just as effectively as they can inspire a mosh pit. ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’ is available for pre-order now.

Photo Credit: Franz Mahr

Having only played live as a band for a little over a year, Loud Boyz have quickly become an incredibly buzzed about band in the mecca of punk rock music that is Washington DC. With varied backgrounds as punk eclectics, artists, and musicians, Loud Boyz’s Kenny Brown, Rory Sheridan, Devin Cassidy, Alex Anderson, and Mitchell West have fused their collective arty, noisy, weirdness to create hardcore punk music so raw and unpredictable that it’s abundantly clear the band intend to shake things up. After releasing a two song single last year, and sharing the stage with the likes of The Buzzcocks, Coliseum, United Nations, Black Clouds and Typefighter, the band is ready to unleash their debut full length, ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’, on up-and-coming DC label, Cricket Cemetery. Loud Boyz may be new, but its members are no strangers to the hardcore punk scene, having played in bands such as Warchild, Rattler, and New Rock Church Of Fire. By merging the most prominent elements of their past projects, Loud Boyz have unearthed a rowdy collision of punk, hardcore, and garage rock that makes heads bang with its sonic bite, but has more than a few hooks amongst the aggression. ‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’ is due out this July via Cricket Cemetery Records on vinyl and digital.


‘Tough Love, Hard Feelings’ tracklist:

1. Knives
2. Hard Feelings
3. World Is A Cage
4. Boyz Who Brunch
5. Loud Boyz In Love
6. FYK
7. 4 The Ladies
8. I Am The Night
9. #GoodLuck
10. Casual Encounters
11. Loud Boyz Anthem

Tour Dates:
5/10 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage w/ Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg featuring Andrew WK
5/16 Washington DC @ Dance Loft w/ Shark Week, Desert Sharks, Witch Coast, Daddy Likey
6/5 Brooklyn, NY @ Roll Up Motorcycle Garage w/ Jess Ledbetter
7/1 Washington DC @ The Black Cat w/ Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall

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