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Salad Days Magazine | April 12, 2024

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Low Coast (new band of Gameface’s Jeff Caudill) stream ‘Hard To Believe’

Low Coast (new band of Gameface’s Jeff Caudill) stream ‘Hard To Believe’
Salad Days

Announces debut record ‘Existing The Dream’ out May 26. Band marks a distinct departure from the SoCal melodic punk rock world to go into bands like Wilco, Gin Blossoms, and Death Cab For Cutie.

After over two decades of releases with the fan-adored band Gameface, Jeff Caudill returns with a new project and a debut record – ‘Existing The Dream’. Caudill says, “I’ve been dreaming about this album for decades, and waiting years to release it. I feel like my patience is finally paying off. Low Coast is the band I’ve always wanted to have. These guys take my songs to places I could never get to on my own. We made this record during a really volatile time in history – and the songs reflect that. ‘Hard To Believe’ is about the growing idealogical and political divide in our country. It’s meant to be a song of hope as much as it is an anthem of frustration.” Thematically, album attempts to unravel the tension of growing older in an uncertain world ruled by monotony, responsibility, and isolation. Veering from the directly autobiographical lyrical tendencies of Gameface and zooms out to examine a broader landscape from a variety of different angles. “Now that middle age is coming down like a ton of bricks, we have bigger concerns than we did in our twenties” says Caudill, “We worry about the world in a serious, real way. [When I started writing the project I was] thinking about people in my life who have died. There’s a song about one of my friends who died in the eighth grade and how I just stopped talking to my other friends that knew him. It was really messed up. We all just had no idea how to deal with tragedy like that. But the record isn’t really about death. It’s more about understanding someone else’s life and their perspective.” Low Coast‘s debut release arrives amidst a melee of disary, but evokes the simple notion of understanding. Step outside yourself, even when living feels like it’s been diluted to merely existing. “If I think too hard about how we let ourselves get here my head just explodes” says Caudill. “It’s overwhelming to say the least, but I’m thankful for music and all it has given me. Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense.”

‘Existing The Dream’ Tracklisting:

1. Hard To Believe

2. I Know We’ll Never Know

3. Out There

4. Everybody Shines

5. Nowhere Else To Go

6. Sandy

7. (I Can’t Wait To) Live In The Moment

8. Irrational Anthem

9. Destination

10. Car Stereo

First pressing limited to 300 copies:
• Desert Dusk (Gold / Black / Blue Swirl) (300)
Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock and full-color printed innersleeve.

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