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Salad Days Magazine | July 18, 2024

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Lower Block // ‘Napoli v Fiorentina 1987′ – Diego10

Lower Block // ‘Napoli v Fiorentina 1987′ – Diego10
Salad Days

May 10th, 1987, Diego Maradona carved his name forever in the hearts of the people of Naples.

Napoli v Fiorentina 1987‘ is series of photographs by British football photographer Mark Leech that focuses on Napoli’s Diego Maradona as he leads his sides 1987 Serie A title celebrations at the Stadio San Paolo. A dramatic 1-1 draw with Fiorentina clinched a first ever Serie A league title for Napoli and Maradona’s God like status was assured. Come the final whistle, photographer Mark Leech was right in the thick of things, when understandably chaotic scenes erupted and the title was won.





Leech’s dramatic pictures all come from that one game and the celebrations in Naples that ensued.

“When I returned with the photos nobody in the English media knew about the story or wanted to know, as Maradona was still public enemy number one, less than twelve months after that match in the Azteca.” – Mark Leech


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