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Salad Days Magazine | June 23, 2024

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Makia – Full Steam Ahead Spring/Summer 2014

Makia – Full Steam Ahead Spring/Summer 2014
Salad Days

Full Steam Ahead was an unique cultural event done in Finland, in the summer of 2013.

Where Makia, to honor their SS14 –collection, sailed the coastal area of Helsinki, with the 14 most interesting bands in Finland, aboard the steamboat s/s Norrkulla. The entire trip was documented and it offers an insight to current Finnish music scene, through the most promising bands. Starring in the documentary are the bands from the tour: Rubik, K-X-P, Phantom, Lau Nau, Husky Rescue, TWWTH, Damn Seagulls, Reino Nordin / Bongo Rock, Tuomo, Sara Sayed, Sarah Kivi & Non-Orchestra, Death Hawks, Black Lizard and Big Wave Riders.


Check out all the bands, performances and our collection on the updated Spring/Summer 2014 website!

Full Steam Ahead Tour
Berlin: 18th of March at 18.00 Club Chesters (Glogauerstr. 2, Kreuzberg)
Barcelona: 20th of March 19.00 El Latino (La Rambla 27)
Oslo: 25th of March 16.00 John Dee (Torggata 16)
Helsinki: 27th of March Kuudes linja + Club Kaiku (Kaikukatu 4)

World Premiere March 28th at

Makia Clothing
PL 418
00150 Helsinki

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