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Salad Days Magazine | June 19, 2024

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Mister Cartoon releases a limited skateboard collection with LA art group California Locos

Mister Cartoon releases a limited skateboard collection with LA art group California Locos
Salad Days

California Locos is proud to present the first collaboration in their “Made in LA” series, releasing in time for the holidays December 2021…

…and with one of the most renowned Southern California artists in the world – Mister Cartoon. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cartoon’s richly detailed, hand-rendered designs embody the true soul and grit of LA street culture. Inspired by tattoos originating in the hard streets of 1970s LA, Cartoon has personified the rich Hip Hop, Chicano and Lowrider cultures of LA with his expressive style, leaving an indelible mark on multiple generations. Cartoon is a multi-disciplined artist, world-renowned in tattoo, but has also designed graphics for many iconic companies and artists, exhibiting as a fine art painter around the world and working in film and graphic novels. Having exhibited together in the Locos’ 2017 Masters of Style show, there was no question Mister Cartoon was the perfect fit to launch the “Made in LA” series. Skateboarding has always been an intrinsic part of Southern California culture, representing for the Locos a diverse artistic vehicle with the power to reach generations around the globe, promoting art and a counter-culture lifestyle. “Made in LA” is the brainchild of Dave Tourjé, founder of the California Locos, and creative director Nano Nóbrega, who together design these series to embody the stories, background and visionary work of some of the most prominent and influential Southern California artists. What is it to be “Made in LA”? To be a product of a multicultural melting pot called Los Angeles? How does it influence the world and what does it represent to future generations? This series of collections will translate the artistry of the collaborators into one-of-a-kind products ranging from skateboards to apparel and more, not only helping spread the amazing stories of these artists and their influence around the world, but bringing you into the Loco lifestyle. The skateboards are built with enormous attention to detail and with top quality materials, making each board a one-of-a-kind piece of art with unique fits and finishes not usually found in standard skateboard brands. California Locos will share part of their proceeds with “Make Life Skate Life”, a non-profit organization working to create community-built skateparks around the world, implementing skate programs using skateboarding as a tool for teaching cross-cultural communication, social inclusion, creative self-expression and resilience to underserved youth populations.


California Locos is a multicultural art collective formed by LA artist Dave Tourjé in 2011 including artists Chaz Bojorquez, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom, Gary Wong and encompasses the diverse subcultures of Surf, Skate, Graffiti, Punk Rock and Fine Art.

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