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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Mons Royale and Casey Brown partner for the planet

Mons Royale and Casey Brown partner for the planet
Salad Days

Mons Royale, creators of high-performance merino apparel, is excited to announce Casey Brown as the newest member of their heavy-hitting team.

Casey joins Mons bike athletes such as Robin Goomes, Conor McFarlane and Peter Kaiser. This partnership represents a shared vision for a sustainable future, and a fierce dedication to the process and progression.

Here’s Casey’s take:

“This switch to a natural fibre brand is a very intentional decision for me. I had opportunities with bigger brands – but I’m so stoked that now I’m able to choose a sustainable partner that aligns with my values – I am ALL in!”

Casey Brown is a global player on the leading edge of women’s biking – an incredible all-rounder with a predilection for the dark art of freeride. Casey has been twice crowned the Queen of Crankworx, boasts five whip-off titles and was the first woman invited to Proving Grounds. However, it’s not the titles or her Proving Grounds invite that fills her with pride, but that today, Proving Grounds hosts a full complement of women in their event.


Women’s progression and the advancement of environmental issues are the things that keep Casey Brown motivated.

Growing up on the wild west coast of New Zealand, Casey felt no separation between herself and nature. This close connection was the clincher for joining the Mons Royale family. The partnership is another stepping stone for Casey to live her values, encouraging bikers around the world to move from carbon-intensive synthetics to natural fibers. Earlier in her career, securing any kind of sponsorship support was a feat in itself, but today, Casey has the credentials to choose partnerships that align to her values. Today, Casey still has her nose applied firmly to the grindstone. When she’s not taking the hits on a bike, Casey is dedicated to being a climate positive role model through her personal choices, her nonprofit work and the labour of love that is rewilding her 360 acre family farm. Building her craft to progress the sport of freeride biking was also a monumental journey, riddled with highs and lows. Pursuing the elemental shift in attitude from event organisers and sponsors, Casey affected change in the industry’s perceptions of women’s biking. Casey’s Dark Horse event is what she has described as a crowning moment. Speaking to what drives her, Dark Horse is not a title but an event that she designed to progress her sport. Women’s progression. Advancement of environmental issues. These are the things that keep Casey motivated.


Casey says that a core function of her role is to inspire bikers to get out in nature, feel its benefits and advocate for its regeneration. Leading by example, Casey was involved in the Fairy Creek occupation. Joining teams of environmentalists, Casey sought the protection of old growth in British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Casey hopes that in addition to advocating for nature, she can inspire fans to vote with their wallets – by buying responsibly made products. Environmentally, Mons Royale is making power moves in the right direction. Their partnership with ZQ merino has been a catalyst toward a more sustainable future. They are not perfect but today, the team is focused on measurement. From the impact of their products, ZQRX (regenerative wool), to circularity and supply chain transparency, Mons Royale is focused on continued progression, lowering their impact, and the impact of every rider on the planet. Mons Royale, Casey Brown. Better, together. This partnership signifies a positive step for both the athlete, the planet, and the brand. It is underlined with commitment to keep each other honest and striving toward progression.

About Mons Royale

Born in 2009 from the mountains of New Zealand, Mons Royale creates high-performance merino apparel. From farm to finished goods, Mons Royale partners with the world’s best in the wool industry. This ensures quality product that respects animals, people, places, planet, and our future. Highly influenced by action and adventure sports they are on a mission to inspire a likeminded alpine community from around the globe to shift from synthetics to natural products.

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