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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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Much The Same reveal new song ‘You Used To Have A Garden’

Much The Same reveal new song ‘You Used To Have A Garden’
Salad Days

Chicago-based veteran punk rockers Much The Same have revealed a second song off of their highly anticipated new album, ‘Everything Is Fine’.

Entitled ‘You Used To Have A Garden’, the new single is now available via the most popular digital platforms and was also made available as a lyric video, check it out below and read what bassist Frank Tsoukalas had to say about it.

‘Everything Is Fine’ will serve as a follow up to 2006′ ‘Survive’ and is slated for release July 26th via Thousand Islands Records (North America), Lockjaw Records (Europe, UK) and Pee Records (Australia).

“I grew up with a dad who was a good dad and a mom who did a lot to drag us down. Without getting into it, I watched our modest home turn into something that would be on a reality TV show for being filthy. It completely fell apart and so did our relationships to a degree. I haven’t been home in about two years because I can’t bear to look at the shit hole it’s become. One thing I miss though from when I was a kid was my dad had a garden, a small one behind our garage. He worked all the time, still does at 75 because he’s too broke not to. Anyway, he didn’t have time for hobbies but he had that garden. The only gifts I ever knew to get him related to that. So when shit really went south for them, he didn’t have time or energy to keep it up. Sucks. So… he used to have a garden. It was the one thing that didn’t make him seem broken. Now, he doesn’t have that. – Frank Tsoukalas, Bass


‘Everything Is Fine’ Tracklisting

1. Burner

2. Snake In The Grass

3. You Used To Have A Garden

4. Haunted

5. Man Of Science, Man Of Faith

6. Homecoming

7. Strangers In Fiction

8. In the Event Of…

9. Passengers

About Much The Same:
Reunited in 2015 after an 8-year hiatus, Chicago’s Much The Same continues carrying the torch of aggressive, melodic skate punk. Originally formed in 1999, the band quickly gained popularity in the Chicago punk scene, and eventually broke into national and international awareness with their ‘Quitters Never Win’ album in 2003 (A-F Records) and ‘Survive’ in 2006 (Nitro Records). Though the band broke up in 2007, word of mouth continued to grow their fanbase throughout the world. Much The Same now celebrates its 20-year anniversary and guitarist Dan O’Gorman’s recent victory over cancer by releasing their third full-length album, ‘Everything Is Fine’.

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