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Salad Days Magazine | May 23, 2024

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New Mixtape – Black Dave ‘Stay Black’

New Mixtape – Black Dave ‘Stay Black’
Salad Days

Buzzing New York rapper Black Dave this week drops off his new mixtape, aptly titled ‘Stay Black’, as an urge to remain true to yourself.

We’ve already received a taste from the tape, as we now note feature assistance from Meech of Flatbush Zombies, Lil Mouse and more throughout the set. In addition to the fresh project drop-off, the skater-turned-rapper has also let loose a new visual today for ‘Muthaf*ck My Enemies’ directed by Jason Ano (i.e. Rocky’s Purple Swag).

Also included is Black Dave’s new video ‘Muthafuck My Enemies’:

The video’s director, Jason Ano, gives details on the video: “Working on this video for Black Dave was a creative relief for me because I want to focus on cinema this year. For the treatment of the music video, we decided to pay homage to one of my favorite films, ‘KIDS’. The entire process from inception to execution was so organic because Dave, coming from the Supreme cult and being a skater himself, truly embodied the lifestyle that movie portrayed. Just like how I would imagine Larry Clark or Harmony Korine in the midst of filming their movies, a lot of crazy things actually happened and we took a lot of risks to get this video made. With blind faith, I handed Darnel my RED rig to hold while he skated and during the rooftop scene, we had a replica gun with no markings on it indicating that it was fake. In the middle of flashing the gun and throwing up 40s, two undercover detectives rushed into our set, but fortunately with a little bit of speech-craft, we were able to finish and get the job done. It was a crazy day to film a music video, but for the other skaters, this was a daily routine.” -Jason Ano

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