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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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New Nagel collab & Santana Saldana ‘Dos’ video part

New Nagel collab & Santana Saldana ‘Dos’ video part
Salad Days

Santana Saldana blesses us once again with a unique style and trick selection in his second Darkstar video part, ‘Dos’, filmed and edited by J Ray Sargent.

Darkstar Skateboards announces the Official Darkstar x Nagel capsule for Fall ’18–A tight capsule of skateboards, including pro models with Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka, and Ke’Chaud Johnson.

Patrick Nagel is considered one of the great 20th Century American illustration and graphic design giants. Nagel’s innovative work continually defines a future of strong, empowered women–a perpetual moment for all, yet recognizable to Nagel alone through his unique vision of bold individuals drawn with sensual sensibility. Nagel’s signature cool, contemporary aesthetic combines clean lines and minimal color shapes with stark black and white color spaces. The Darkstar x Nagel Fall ‘18 capsule showcases the late artist’s spirit and legacy, framed with blocks of breathable muted color and elegant reflective chrome details. Nagel’s signature is implemented throughout amid simple typography, a Nagel provenance found in Nagel exhibition posters and Nagel art books.

The Official Darkstar x Nagel capsule is a partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, which represents high-profile artists, photographers, designers, and creatives.

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