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Salad Days Magazine | June 23, 2024

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Nic Von Rupp drops latest ‘My Road’ episode

Nic Von Rupp drops latest ‘My Road’ episode
Salad Days

Nic Von Rupp’s ‘My Road’ series just dropped the latest episode.

It’s called 4 cliffs and is follows the hard charger around Europe on his missions to tame some crazy waves that break on or under cliffs… Europe’s meanest Slab waves. We sat down with the main man to ask him 4 questions about 4 Cliffs

1.) There’s a load of chat about Slab waves. What actually is a slab?
A slab is a shallow rock shelf that sticks into sea and when heavy swells hit that same reef it forms a extremely thick and hollow wave that is highly rewarding , yet risky.

2.) How and why did you start surfing big slab waves?
I grew up in Portugal where waves get big and heavy really often in winter so there was no place to hide…haha. There are a lot of reef set ups in Europe, and in many ways it’s getting known now as a bit of a proving ground for heavy waves…

3.) How do you deal with the fear surfing those sort of waves?
Fear is human, I feel it all the time. For me its always about overcoming fear, slowly overcoming it.. until you feel comfortable !

4.) What are the challenges about making a video series like ‘My Road’?
‘My Road’ is fun, you get to travel the world in search of the biggest slabs with a film crew… but there aren’t any lay days, ur constantly looking for the next big swell to break, Tahiti to Indonesia… its always ON somewhere. So it can wear you out a bit. The whole production side to it, ‘My Road’ is going on Tv so we gotta take care of Music licensing and all the other stuff that goes with it… At the end of the day its worth it! It’s the life I’d be living even if there were no cameras following me.

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