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Salad Days Magazine | May 20, 2024

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‘Nice To See You’ out now!

‘Nice To See You’ out now!
Salad Days

‘Nice To See You’, 1st ever globally collaborative skateboarding film that was created with help from the Vans skate team and talented filmmakers around the world.

‘Nice To See You’ expresses the shared feeling of solidarity and commonality amongst skateboarders everywhere, regardless of location, background or identity. The film was produced under the guidance of Los Angeles-based renowned filmmaker and photographer Greg Hunt, with support from creative talents including Tommy Zhao, Shari White, Paul Labadie and Max Pack, George Kousoulis, Daniel Dent, and Kyota Kamei.

‘Nice To See You’ stars: Adelaide Norris, Alexey Krasniy, Breana Geering, Chima Ferguson, Daiki Hoshino, Diego Todd, Digby Luxton, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Nick Michel, Notis Aggelis, Pedro Delfino, Rio Morishige, Ronnie Sandoval, Shogo Zama, Simon Zuzic, Una Farrar, and Wang Guohua, with appearances from many other Family members.

00:00 – 03:45 – Nick Michel
03:46 – 08:18 – Australia
08:19 – 12:41 – Ronnie Sandoval
12:42 – 15:16 – Alexey Krasniy
15:17 – 18:13 – Notis Aggelis
18:14 – 23:03– Japan
23:04 – 28:00 – Dustin Henry
28:01 – 33:22 – Diego Todd/Pedro Delfino
33:23 – 34:26 – Wang Guohua
34:27 – 37:18 – Breana Geering
37:19 – 43:13 – Chima Ferguson
43:14 – Credits

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