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Salad Days Magazine | May 25, 2024

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Nike SB | 20 Years of Nike Skateboarding

Nike SB | 20 Years of Nike Skateboarding
Salad Days

While Nike celebrated a half century, Nike SB threw its own 20-year party. Let’s rewind to 2002 to where it all began, for a second time.

After many unsuccessful forays into skateboarding, Nike tapped a visionary by the name of Sandy Bodecker to lead a new charge. Fresh off his success integrating Nike into an equally challenging world of global football, Sandy quickly had Nike heading in the right direction with skateboarding, too. It started with four of the most stylish dudes to ever ride a skateboard and, as they say, the rest is history. Head to see how Nike SB navigated the last two decades and get a glimpse of where they’re going.

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Nike SB | eBay

Nike SB and eBay pay tribute to the patriarch of Nike Skateboarding, Sandy Bodecker, with the launch of 10 Charity Dunk Lows benefitting the Bodecker Foundation. Each special edition box comes complete with a tribute to the original Charity Dunk, a pair of the 2022 release eBay Dunk, and more… and you can skate the box.

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