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Salad Days Magazine | April 23, 2024

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Nike SB | Sandy Bodecker ZoomX Bruin

Nike SB | Sandy Bodecker ZoomX Bruin
Salad Days

Dear Sandy… it’s amazing to think back 21 years ago, to our conversations about skateboarding and how Nike was getting back into it.

You spoke about the importance of total commitment—about listening to skateboarders and getting the product right—admitting that Nike had come up short in the past. But you also wanted to make sure that we used the best technology and innovations to help skaters excel because anything less would be a waste of the resources and potential we have at our disposal.

You witnessed a lot of incredible sport moments in your lifetime and your track record of helping athletes achieve those moments speaks for itself, whether it was in someone’s driveway or on the world stage. But you knew that if our athletes were going to be on the ultimate world stage, we had to put our best foot forward: the most cutting-edge innovation, rider-tested and enough flair that you’d wear it proudly with a billion people watching.

As skateboarding wraps up its latest adventure, we are honored to show the world a small slice of what you hoped to accomplish with skateboarding footwear. But we also look forward to carrying on your legacy. Fully committing. Listening to skateboarders and continuing to help them break new boundaries.

Thank you for giving us a platform to push innovation and creativity, all the while supporting and doing right by skateboarding.

Love and Respect,
Nike SB


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