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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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Nitro Snowboards 2023 Beast Volcom Snowboard

Nitro Snowboards 2023 Beast Volcom Snowboard
Salad Days

United For This!

When the world’s most creative freestyle snowboarders like Marcus Kleveland and Torgeir Bergrem set out to make a park snowboard together with two brands (Nitro and Volcom) love snowboarding more than anything; it is a no brainer that greatness will follow. This Twin-Shaped, Trüe Cambered freestyle mastery offers the support and precision needed for world-class features and tricks. Combining our new Ureshred Sidewalls, Railkiller Edges, Diamond Band, and Ballistic Impact Panels creates a snowboard that is indestructible. At the same time, the Sintered Speed Formula II Base keeps you hauling ass all day long! The Nitro Beast x Volcom snowboard provides progression, stability, pro-caliber performance, and durability for those who demand it. While collaboration together to support our community of fellow snowboarders. Snowboarders unite and let the Beast out of its cage! Let’s all appreciate what we have, where we are, and Unite for This thing we all love – snowboarding!

Shape: Twin
Camber: Trüe
Width: Standard and Mid-Wide
Flex: Park
Sidecut: Radial

Special Features:
Powercore II
Whiplash Core Profile
Ureshred Sidewalls
Tri-Lite Laminates
Ballistic Impact Panels
Diamond Band
Railkiller Edge
Sintered Speed Formula II Base

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