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Salad Days Magazine | July 20, 2024

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NoFx – ‘The Big Drag’ (Official Video)

NoFx – ‘The Big Drag’ (Official Video)
Salad Days

Video by Olga & Vira “MadTwins” Ishchuk.

‘The Big Drag’ is lifted off NoFx‘s latest full-length, ‘Single Album’ available via

Before James (Jimmy Dread) died he smiled and laughed
Cuz he was just photographed for the last time
While it was drowned the kitten purred
At least that’s what I thought I heard
But maybe that’s cuz I need to believe in the absurd
Ashes to ashes after the planet crashes I trust all dust will turn to dust
I used to think a wasted life was not a crime “Kevin Seconds”
That’s before I realized we don’t have very much more time
Whose God was it that finally damned us
Or was it all foreseen by Nostradamus
My melodies are maladies my poetries are just phonetic
Trying to make sense of this world is preposterous pathetic
The Gods have had their fun playing this world but now it’s too upsetting
The human race is not worth watching or wagering on
We’re just a longshot, an underdog with odds so bad now it’s just a blood letting
So, every deitywith dignity has just stopped betting
It used to be a blood sport, now that the most popular God’s son is finally setting
So,follow me into a world of anything you’ve ever dreamed
Now that morality is blurred if you listen really closely
You probably believe in every single word
The only thing we can count on is an eternity of this absurdity
Mesmerizedby rhetorical and memorized historical events
That never actually occurred
Because a herd needs to believe every command and every word they ever heard
We’renot blind were bound and blinded our minds have been land minded
And I’m so excited!Remember when colors made a rainbow from a prism
Now black and white thinking makes reignbows into prisons
Every single person on this planet thinks they are right
The new black and white reignbows
Cuz if you thought that you were wrong
You’d change your mind fuckfrom black to white
I do believe in True Romance
So,I’m gonna dance and fight and fuck with every moment
I’ll always have something in my glass to raise
To make a toast for those making the most of the last days
But there is no black and white there’s only different SHADES of gray
That’s why it’s insane to believe in anything or live a certain way
Nothing is ever gonna change, nothing will ever be ok
Nothing is ever gonna change, nothing will ever be ok
There’s only a finite number of tomorrows
And it’s not a lot but it’s all we really got it’s all we really got Live each precious moment that we can manage to carve out of each day
So,when it’s time for us to die we’ll say our short goodbye
There is no sadness if there’s no one left to cry

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