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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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Norma Jean premiere ‘Synthetic Sun’

Norma Jean premiere ‘Synthetic Sun’
Salad Days

New album ‘Polar Similar’ due out September 9th on Solid State Records.

Atlanta, Georgia’s heavy music powerhouse, Norma Jean, have teamed with Revolver to premiere another colossal track from their upcoming full length, ‘Polar Similar’, due out September 9th via Solid State Records. Right from its jarring first moments, ‘Synthetic Sun’ announces that this is not business as usual for Norma Jean. The angular opening guitar lead hints at the more melodic touches found on ‘Polar Similar’ before hurling the listener into the storm of massive riffs and chaotic drums. As vocalist Cory Brandan vents the helplessness of watching a loved one struggle, ‘Synthetic Sun’ culminates with a hauntingly quiet passage that explodes into the kind of unhinged heaviness that Norma Jean excels at. Listen to ‘Synthetic Sun’:

Photo Credit: David Jackson

‘Polar Similar’ tracklist:

1. I. The Planet
2. Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else
3. Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda
4. 1,000,000 Watts
5. II. The People
6. Death Is A Living Partner
7. Synthetic Sun
8. Reaction
9. III. The Nebula
10. The Close And Discontent
11. An Ocean Of War
12. A Thousand Years A Minute
13. IV. The Nexus


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