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Salad Days Magazine | May 22, 2024

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OnePlusOne – ‘The EP’

OnePlusOne – ‘The EP’
Salad Days

Phil Da Beat and DJ Tricky go under the name of OnePlusOne.

A Hip Hop producer team from Hamburg/Germany with the aim to bring back that timeless “Golden Era” feeling from the 90´s by collaborating with artists reflecting that time. On their brandnew release, entitled ‘The EP’, they have worked with many MCs from the US like Drayz of Das EFX, Nine, Theory Hazit, Keith Murray, Masta Ace, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Afrika Bambaataa… just to name a few. Download/Stream ‘The EP’ for free:

01. Intro (Grand Wizard Theodore)
02. Them two – OnePlusOne feat. Nine & Theory Hazit
03. We Got The Funk – OnePlusOne feat. Drayz (Das EFX)
04. The Founders Skit (Afrika Bambaataa)
05. For My People – OnePlusOne feat. Keith Murray & Ken E Ken
06. The Idea Of Style (Beat Street)
07. One luv – OnePlusOne feat. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples)
08. This Is How We Do – OnePlusOne feat. Masta Ace (eMC)
09. Hip Hop Skit (Lovebug Starski)
10. Smoke It Up – OnePlusOne feat. Dollamentary
11. Rock The Beat – OnePlusOne feat. Simon Stash (High Status)

Videoreleases off ‘The EP’:

- This is how we do – OnePlusOne feat. Masta Ace (eMC)

- ‘One Luv’ – OnePlusOne feat. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples)

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