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Salad Days Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Salad Days

Jim Lindberg returns as frontman.

Credits: Kane Hibberd
Southern California punk legends Pennywise will release their eleventh studio album, ‘Yesterdays’, on July 15 via Epitaph Records. Jim Lindberg is back as the front man, and ‘Yesterdays’ includes songs written by deceased bassist, Jason Thirsk. Pennywise is currently touring Europe and they will be on the Summer Nationals tour in the US with The Offspring and Bad Religion this July and August. Listen to the first cut from the album ‘Violence Never Ending’ in a video reel of classic Pennywise footage:

‘Yesterdays’ is available for pre-order now at
In their 26 years as a band, Pennywise has created a solid foundation as both a politically minded act and one of the most successful independent bands of all time. But it was not always that way. Pennywise got their start playing backyard parties in Hermosa Beach, California, without having any aspirations other than playing as many songs as they could before the police showed up. This side of Pennywise has never been captured until now, and ‘Yesterdays’ sees the band putting their most nascent material in recorded form. There have been two major changes in the Pennywise story since their last release, ‘All Or Nothing’ (2012). First, front man Jim Lindberg has rekindled with the band since leaving in 2009. And second, several songs featured on ‘Yesterdays’ were written by deceased bass player, Jason Thirsk and have been properly recorded in the studio for the first time. “We always wanted to go back and record these songs because later in our career we started to get more political and angry— that may have turned some people off but that’s what we were feeling at the time,” Lindberg explains. “In the back of our minds we knew we had these cool, old songs that were more life-affirming, it just took us 25 years to get back to it.” Recorded in the band’s hometown factory district which is known for its influx of rehearsal studios and surfboard repair shops, Pennywise were conscious give the tracks a hometown feel and preserve their original spirit. “We tracked the whole thing in a few days doing a couple of takes of each song so it’s a really raw album in that sense.” Fans of Pennywise will recognize ‘Yesterdays’ as Pennywise in their purest form. The album is a gift to fans who have supported the band since day one. ‘Yesterdays’ marks a new chapter for the band, while still staying true to their roots.
‘Yesterdays’ Track List:

01. What You Deserve

02. Restless Time

03. Noise Pollution

04. Violence Never Ending

05. Am Oi!

06. Thanksgiving

07. She’s A Winner

08. Slow Down

09. Public Defender

10. No Way Out

11. I Can Remember

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