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Salad Days Magazine | June 17, 2024

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Saint Archer Brewing Company set to Launch Tusk & Grain

Saint Archer Brewing Company set to Launch Tusk & Grain
Salad Days

Saint Archer Brewing Co. is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of Tusk & Grain.

Founded on the ideals of a timeless craft, Tusk & Grain embodies the hard work and artisanship that seeks to create truly unique barrel-aged beers. For our first release, our brewers carefully designed three beers consisting of a Barley Wine, Imperial Porter, and an Imperial Stout all of which matured in Kentucky’s finest bourbon barrels for thirteen months before the blending process. Join Saint Archer Brewing Co. on Friday, December 11th for the Tusk & Grain Release Party at the Saint Archer Tasting Room. The event will serve as a stage for the premiere of the short film, ‘Tusk & Grain Featuring Greg Peters’ as well as a selection of 8 specialty variations of the Tusk & Grain Barrel Aged Blend No. 01. You can pre-purchase packages and 16.9 oz. bottles now. For all information on the event and packages available for purchase, please visit:


Tusk & Grain
9550 Distribution Ave.
San Diego, CA 92121

Follow Us:
Instagram: @tuskandgrain
Twitter: @tuskandgrain_

The Brewery: 9550 Distribution Ave San Diego CA 92121

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