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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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Santa Cruz Bicycles // Jackson Goldstone in ‘Solo’

Santa Cruz Bicycles // Jackson Goldstone in ‘Solo’
Salad Days

When he’s not turning heads trackside, Jackson Goldstone will be found turning trails into his own personal playground.

While his 9-to-5 is piloting his Syndicate V10 downhill bike down heinous tracks in pursuit of podium glory, he absolutely loves to get out on his local trails with his daily driver and have some fun. Filmed this winter in British Columbia before the snow really fell, Jackson spent a couple days looking for the side hits and the bonus air miles on familiar trails. The result was captured by Scott Secco and set to a beautiful score. It reminds us of the first 5010 video that featured Steve Peat, but with a contemporary twist. And less row boats.

Executive Producer: Daniel Gillooley
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Scott Secco
Cinematographer: Liam Mullany
Cable Cam: Robin Munshaw
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Composer: Jeremy Wallace Maclean
Production Assistant: Kelsey Toevs

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