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Salad Days Magazine | June 25, 2024

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Sprain share ‘We Think So Ill Of You’

Sprain share ‘We Think So Ill Of You’
Salad Days

Their new album is out September 1st from The Flenser.

Since its formation in 2018 by like-minded Calarts students Alex Kent (guitar, vocals), April Gerloff (bass) and Sylvie Simmons (guitar)— plus the recent addition of Clint Dodson (percussionist)— Los Angeles quartet Sprain has honed its signature flavor of experimentalism to a razor-fine point. Gradually moving from twisting conventions in its early works of minimalist slowcore to transcending the confines of genre altogether, Sprain’s evolution over the past several years has encouraged the band to embrace a sound true to its muse. With its latest record, ‘The Lamb As Effigy Or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine’, the band has translated this intent into an ambitious work that pairs its resplendent scale with uncompromising honesty towards the band’s artistic and conceptual essences. In anticipation, Sprain has shared the album’s final single ‘We Think So Ill Of You’.


Man Proposes, God Disposes
Privilege Of Being
Margin for Error
The Commercial Nude
The Reclining Nude
We Think So Ill Of You
God, Or Whatever You Call itᐧ

Photo Credit: Tanner Lemoine

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