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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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‘Sunday Summaries’ new skate edit

‘Sunday Summaries’ new skate edit
Salad Days

Vans Turkey is excited to release ‘Sunday Summaries’ – a new video from our Turkish Skateboarding team.

Istanbul has always been a center of attraction with its historical structure and natural beauty, but it’s also famous for its crowded and colorful street life. With its 16 million residents, cars, pedestrians, tourists and street vendors in each corner, the city can be challenging to navigate, especially for skateboarders trying to find a clear path. Only able to explore some of the city spots on Sundays, the Vans Turkey Skateboarding Team (Ali Osman Ensar, Cenk Kulioğlu, Furkan Kaplan, Kerem Şahinoğlu) hit everything that the cosmopolitan metropolis has to offer across 6 months. They ended up with enough footage to create this new edit: ‘Sunday Summaries’. Shot during and after the pandemic, the team filmed throughout the city’s known and lesser-known skate spots, including Taksim Square, Moda and areas on the city’s Asian side. With a focus mainly on the skate spots and the scenery of the city, this project provides an authentic glimpse into the vibrant skateboarding culture in Istanbul.

Guest Riders: Eray Şahin, Emre Töre

Filmed by: Yiğit Akbıyık, Nuri Yılmazer, Tunahan Keskin

Edited by: Yiğit Akbıyık, Nuri Yılmazer

Animations by: Yiğit Akbıyık

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