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Salad Days Magazine | April 21, 2024

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Supra announces “Tour Especial 2013”

Supra announces “Tour Especial 2013”
Salad Days

Los Angeles, CA—Supra Footwear has released the official schedule for their upcoming Tour Especial 2013 in Mexico and Costa Rica.

The ten-day tour, which begins Wednesday, September 11, and runs until September 21, will primarily take place in Mexico City and San Jose with signings and demos at different locations throughout each city. The Tour Especial 2013 will feature a roster consisting of Jim Greco, Lizard King, Neen Williams, Furby, Spencer Hamilton, Boo Johnson, Pat Rumney, and Nick Tucker. See the schedule below for details and visit for tour updates and more information.

SUPRA Tour Especial 2013 Schedule:

* 9/11, 8pm: Signing at Destructible
* 9/12, 7pm: Demo (TBA)
* 9/13, 11am: Signing at Zarape

* 9/16, 4pm: Signing at La Actualidad Puntarenas
* 9/19, 6pm: Signing at PLX Plaza Lincoln
* 9/20, 6pm: Signing at PLX Paseo Metropoli
* 9/21, 1pm: Demo at PLX Skate Plaza


Founded in 2006, SUPRA is one of the world’s leading independent footwear brands. SUPRA is recognized for its groundbreaking silhouettes, unique combination of materials, and dynamic color stories. Originally born out of Southern California skateboard culture, SUPRA has remained firmly committed to its roots while also offering distinctive and compelling products to a broad, international audience that includes some of the world’s most recognized celebrities, artists, and athletes. WWW.SUPRAFOOTWEAR.COM

ONE Distribution, S.A.R.L. · Rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, 22 · Luxembourg L-1258

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