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Salad Days Magazine | May 29, 2024

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Supra presents: SKYTOP III European Launch Party- Paris

Supra presents: SKYTOP III European Launch Party- Paris
Salad Days

SUPRA Presents: SKYTOP III European Launch Party- PARIS

The SUPRA SKYTOP III European launch party went down last night in Paris and it was a PARTY. Note the all caps PARTY. There are parties, and there are Parties, but the SKYTOP III launch event was a PARTY. The PARTY was held at a rather unusual and unique venue, the Club de La Maison de La Chasse, in the 3rd Arrondissement, Paris. The Club has been described as a French version of the American Natural History Museum, except that the French one is private and no one but members have seen the treasures it contains within. Words are incapable of describing the surreal atmosphere created by all the taxidermy, dioramas, and just plain weird and exotic items that were illuminated by candlelight from chandeliers made from antlers in this Parisien wunderkammer.

It was an honor to be able to enter such a space, let alone have the privilege to host a party in such a rare and unusual environment. Unfortunately, SUPRA won’t be invited back, and the musee directeurs will surely be hesitant to allow another party in their space ever again. While they did make an exception for us and waved their dress code, they apparently were unprepared for SUPRA’s interpretation of a PARTY. Because when people go to a PARTY they drink, they spill, things get broken, there’s loud music, and a bartender might, I don’t know, cut a main artery while opening a bottle of champagne and leave a pool of blood at his feet. All kinds of things happen at a PARTY, and, if it’s your house, it’s not pretty. Especially if your house is filled with rare and exotic taxidermy. “Hey, at least there weren’t any fights?” we offered. “Get out,” Le Directeur said.

Oh well. Dommage. What do you expect? They’re French. We love them for being gracious enough to allow us into their club. Because everyone loved the PARTY. Even more peculiar than the beautiful venue, was the crowd in attendance. There was a truly unusual gathering of people from a diverse variety of backgrounds. It was an unforgettable evening for an unforgettable shoe, the SKYTOP III, now available at fine establishments throughout Europe. With the notable exception of Club de La Maison de La Chasse, in the 3rd Arrondissement, Paris. There won’t be a SKYTOP III anywhere near that place ever again.

Angel Cabada.

Alexis Papadopoulos and Mark Haziza.

Enrique Urrutia, Jake Phelps, Preston, Camillo Reyes and Mark Haziza.

Arnaud Barthelemy and Yann Fessier.

Aurelie Maggiori: Brigitte, Flora Richard, Astrid Beaufils and Pierre Hesling: Tatiannas.

Axel Pauporte and Jeremy Taltaud.

David DLR, DJ BABA and Alexandra.


Camillo Reyes

Chad Muska and Matt Fontana.

Pascal: Cool Cats and Chloe Wilk Martin.

Chloe Wilk Martin.

Claire and Valentina.

Coco and Breezy.

Felix Schaper, Friend and Steve Veytia.

Gaspard and Dvno.

Jake Phelps.

Mark Haziza, Morgan Bouvant and friend.

Marvin Dein and friend.

Maximilien N’Tary and Jay Smith.

Michael MJC and friend.

Montaigne street family.

Mouss Gassama and friends.

Nico: Cool Cats and Julien.

Ousman “SHYNE”.

Panteros666 and Sam Tiba.

Perrine Cabellec, Flora Richard and Sally Braid.

Steve Veytia & Brodinski.

Surface to Air Crew.

TNT and Friends.



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