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Salad Days Magazine | July 22, 2024

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Test of Time ‘Timeline’ appears on forthcoming EP and full-length LP

Test of Time ‘Timeline’ appears on forthcoming EP and full-length LP
Salad Days

Listen to the new Test of Time track, ‘Timeline’, now. This track appears on the band’s forthcoming EP ‘A Place Beyond’ which will be available May 20th and is up for pre-order now in the B9Store.

This three-song pre-release EP includes this exclusive version of ‘Timeline’ which features guest appearances from fellow Massachusetts edgemen Pat Flynn (Have Heart), Brian Connors (Caught in a Crowd), and Sweet Pete (In My Eyes) as well as the songs ‘Audible’ and ‘Perception’. Additionally, Test of Time‘s first proper full-length is coming this summer from Bridge Nine. Titled ‘By Design’, this album was recorded via a partnership between the band themselves for guitars and vocals and Q Division Studios for drums. Songwriting topics on ‘By Design’ include similar themes to the band’s previous work: vegetarianism, perseverance, and one’s own personal growth and change. ‘By Design’ is Test of Time‘s landmark effort, and this album will be available July 22nd, 2014 on all formats from Bridge Nine Records. Test of Time was formed just about two years ago by a group of friends with mutual admiration for both straight edge and hardcore punk music. Their mission early on was simple: to create music a little different than what was dominating the Boston hardcore scene. Test of Time succeeded in doing so, and wrote and released their debut EP ‘Inclusion’ and followed that up with their Bridge Nine debut EP ‘The Price’ in September of 2013. In conjunction, Test of Time played high-profile shows along the Eastern Seaboard and went on to tour Central America in the Fall of the same year. Check out Test of Time‘s blog and bandcamp page and stay tuned for shows in North America and abroad to be announced very soon.

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