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Salad Days Magazine | April 21, 2024

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The Butcher’s Rodeo / The Mutiny – New Video

The Butcher’s Rodeo / The Mutiny – New Video
Salad Days

The Butcher’s Rodeo is a French Hobocore band formed in 2010 with Vince (AqME, Noswad) Kwet (Strike Back), Thomas (Vera Cruz), Tonio and Guigz (Seed From the Geisha).

Hobocore you say? A raw, furious sound, close to Every Time I Die or Cancer Bats, fed by different influences from the band members which creates a unique register! By the beginning of 2013, Guigz left the band and a new bass player, Junior, replaced him. With this new line up, The Butcher’s Rodeo, more eager and determined than ever, recorded their new EP ‘Ghosts In The Weirdest Places’ under the direction of Etienne Sarthou (AqME), and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna, AqME). If the lyrics paint the portraits of ghosts that haunt us, musically, The Butcher’s Rodeo’s hobos trace a winding path between different musical registers: from hardcore to simple and effective stoner riffs, punk or rock. The charismatic frontman, Vince has a voice that ranges from clearly hardcore to mastered, beautiful melodic parts.


“we crash through another barrage of Hardcore shrapnel laden riffage and vocal force but still get a harmonious treat thrown in there” (METAL TEMPLE).

‘THE MUTINY’ – New Video Online Now

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