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Salad Days Magazine | April 21, 2024

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The future of Surfing is safe

The future of Surfing is safe
Salad Days

It’s a strange scene. Tanks roll by a few hundred feet away, kicking up clouds of dust from California’s overcooked soil.

The sound of bombs being tested in the less-than-distant hills shakes through the air. Soldiers march down the beach, with more soldiers limply draped around their necks. Enter: not the smell of napalm, but nine of the world’s best 18-and-under surfers. Marco Mignot, Rio Waida, Kyuss King, Barron Mamiya, Kael Walsh, Cody Young, Malakai Martinez, Sandy Whittaker and Sammy Pupo are standing on the beach at a fun little wedge just outside of Oceanside, California. There will be no priority. No jerseys. No jockeying. Just raw surfing.

Quiksilver (@quiksilver)
Young Guns Surf (#YGSurf)

Malakai Martinez
Marco Mignot
Sandon Whittaker
Cody Young
Rio Waida
Kyuss King
Kael Walsh
Samuel Pupo
Barron Mamiya

Vincent Kardasik (@vincentkardasik)
Jimmy Graham (@jimmy__graham)
Wade Carroll (@wadeecarroll)

Wade Carroll (@wadeecarroll)

‘Thunderbird’ by Brain Police
‘Summer Home’ by Sando

Peter Boskovich (@boskophoto)
Ryan Heywood (@ryanheywood)

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