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Salad Days Magazine | April 20, 2024

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The New Nitro Mtn x Grif Snowboard

The New Nitro Mtn x Grif Snowboard
Salad Days

During a recent camping trip to Moab, Utah Griffin Siebert saw something that would change his life forever… something that would inspire the graphic of his first pro model snowboard the -Nitro Mountain x Grif!

Long time Nitro Team rider, geologist, mountain adventurer, tweaker, and artist Griffin Seibert has been a huge fan of the Mountain Snowboard since its conception in the Quiver Series, and this season Nitro have teamed up with him to allow him to use the Mountain Board as his canvas on and off the snow!


”I Love the Mountain Board, for me it is the board I can take into any situation and it always handles. At home in Utah I always have a tough time finding a board I can ride that rips everything the Mountain can throw at me whether that be powder fields, steep trees, cliff drops, sidehits, or perfectly manicured groomers, and for me the Mountain Board is the answer I have been looking for! This graphic is inspired by my home state of Utah. One of my favorite things about Utah is going on trips to the desert. The desert is a pretty harsh environment, but within that cruel environment lies an indescribable beauty and calmness. It is a place that calms the mind. When I lay awake at night in my sleeping bag on the desert stone, my mind begins to wander. Staring at the stars, thoughts of the universe come infiltrating into my blood stream, and I always reckoned it would be rad to meet some chill Aliens.” – Griffin Siebert

Introducing the Phantom Carver Bindings

The perfect binding for ripping turns around the entire mountain. Developed and engineered to allow those who are passionate about connecting turns do it even better, thanks to the quick edge to edge carving technologies packed into this fully customizable three piece carving powerhouse.




The Nitro Binding R&D crew and Nitro carving enthusiasts set out to make a binding with a focus on reinventing the turning experience through a bindings fit and technologies. The Nitro Phantom Carver binding´s 4mm Power Heel Frame allows for unbelievably quick and precise edge to edge movements, while the stiffer and beefier Premium Lock Down ankle strap allows you to generate precise power from your hips to your feet. The combination of the responsive ankle strap and X-Beam Carbon Highback will let you dip into deep carves and hold your edge with ease. Connecting turns with style is all about symmetry, and the 4mm Power Heel Frame´s canting allows you to quickly get into a heelside turn and go deeper with reduced heel drag. A binding is only as good as its fit, and that is why this fully adjustable binding uses Nitro Glass Fiber Reinforced Air 2.0 Base Frame. Turning just got better!

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