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Salad Days Magazine | May 25, 2024

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The YT MOB Returns

The YT MOB Returns
Salad Days

Up until now, the YT MOB was a race program. A heady blend of racecraft, personality, and talent, built to showcase potential and elevate rider performance.

YT thrived between the tape and made its mark on the scene, but 2021 saw the curtain close as they mapped out the future. Behind the scenes, there’s been a shift in focus. A break in the convention. 2023 marks the MOB return here to make waves, coming in full gas to twist the throttle of progression across all genres. Athletes and ambassadors, from slopestyle to downhill, enduro to gravel – they’ll all be flying the flag for the YT MOB. This diverse approach brings new energy to efforts, an outlook that encompasses and celebrates athletes of all disciplines and backgrounds. Buckle up for a year of fierce competition, heavy edits, and most of all… Good Times.



“I‘m incredibly pumped to redefine the MOB and bring it to the next level. Since we founded the MOB in 2016, it was always our goal to run not only our DH program under this umbrella but all our riders from all disciplines. The whole family! How a real mob should be. Returning to racing at the highest level means a lot to me, and I can‘t wait until the season starts. It‘s our chance to prove once again that our bikes are not only made for hitting big freeride stuff but capable of winning the most important races. But what strikes me most is that we managed to incorporate our UNCAGED philosophy into the YT MOB by allowing our riders to choose unique components of their choice. Our riders can spec their bike based on performance and are not forced to run stuff just because of sponsorship, so nothing holds them back from performing at their best. I‘m super proud that we’re the only brand offering this advantage to its riders.” – Markus Flossman, CVO


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