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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Vans Europe presents: ‘Buona Compagnia’

Vans Europe presents: ‘Buona Compagnia’
Salad Days

Last summer, Tom the cooler and the whole Vans EMEA crew came to Milan and to the Swiss/Italian border to check out some of that Italian marble in between two swimming sessions in the local lakes of the area.

Guided by Italian legends such as Gino & Jacopo Carozzi, and on Gino own words, “the team had to get technical” to reinvent ways to skate the already famous spots that Milan has to offer. Vans is not sure if that’s because of Chris’ mom delicious cooking throughout the trip or because of the pizza slices & birra Moretti breaks on the spot, but riders really managed to get the bread factory going on out there. What came out of this two-weeks long trip is this 12 minutes cheerful video beautifully animated by Mike O-Shea and edited as always by Paul Labadie. Tom & the crew were definitely in good company for that one.

Skaters: Chris Pfanner, Mattia Turco, Marco Kada, Rob Maatman, Schianta Lepori, Willow Voges Fernandes, Martino Cattaneo, Helena Long, Andrea Carugo, Victor Pellegrin, Samuel Norgren, Albert Nyberg, Flo Marfaing, Sergio Reinhardt, Aurora Steri, Miriam Marino.

Filmed by: Max Pack, Paul Labadie, Jon Wolf.

Edited by: Paul Labadie.

Titles & animations by: Mike O‘Shea.

Photography by: Davy Van Laere.

Music Credits:
‘Do It Rodger’ – Zapp And Rodger
‘Pizza’ – Ruth Wallis
‘Parade’ – Kevin Morby

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