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Salad Days Magazine | May 20, 2024

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Vans – ‘Radio Bosforo’

Vans – ‘Radio Bosforo’
Salad Days

“What’s the best part of skateboarding life? I think that most of us will answer: landing a new trick. I agree with this one, but what’s the second reason why we love skateboarding? It’s traveling!

Going on tour, discovering new spots – especially if you don’t know much about the city that you are going to. In this case, Istanbul was a question mark for all of us. To my eyes, the city with over 15 million inhabitants on two continents is an Oriental version of NYC. Maybe the expression “melting pot” was invented there. Eleven skaters squeezed in a van for nine people, five days in the traffic jam in between beautiful spots. We crossed the bridge from the European to the Asian side a bunch of times. The sound system in the van didn’t work properly, we were only able to listen to the radio. We listened to American music, European artists, and of course local ones. It depended on which radio station or side of the city we were in, but our favorite selection came out of our portable speakers. That’s the reason why we thought about starting our own radio station: Radio Bosforo.” Directed by Alberto Chimenti Dezani

Starring (in order of appearance):
Will Odiete, Sergio Reinhardt, Mattia Turco, Fabio Montagner, Jacopo Picozza, Alessandro Mazzara, Selin Ardak.

Videography by Niccolò Rodighiero & Alberto Chimenti Dezani

35mm & 3D Photography by Alberto Chimenti Dezani

Still Photography by Ramon Zuliani

Art Direction by Evergreen Design House

Team Manager: Davide Martinazzo

Special Thanks:
Lucio Pergola, Davide Feneri, Thea Valenti, Alex Forbes, Chris Pfanner, Vans Europe, Vans Turkey, Stefan Schwinghammer, Oliver Klobes, Nurefsan Kocak, Razan Aykac, Cenk Kulioglu, Alper Kanakci, Yigit Akbiyik, Ali Osman Ensar, Dylan Gerede Erkaya, Tuncay Kocal and all the skaters from Istanbul.

Performed by Grazia
From the album: ‘Grazia’

Performed by Rodinia
From the album: ‘Ex Anima’

‘Al Shark’
Performed by Kalbata
From the album: ‘Al Shark’

‘What’s A Boy Like Me To Do’
Performed by Jesse Dee
From the album: ‘On My Mind / In My Heart’

Supported by Vans

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