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Salad Days Magazine | April 14, 2024

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Vans releases world’s most customizable boot with the Pat Moore Infuse

Vans releases world’s most customizable boot with the Pat Moore Infuse
Salad Days

Vans gears up for the upcoming winter season with the release of the most customizable snowboarding boots in the world, the Pat Moore Infuse boot.

Available now, the Vans Infuse is a multi-faceted, performance-driven boot designed for every kind of snowboard terrain possible, making it the perfect match for Pat Moore’s versatile, all-terrain snowboarding style. Embodying an ethos of unlimited adaptability at its highest standard, the Infuse employs the most sophisticated and versatile features of the Vans snowboard boot line. The new Hybrid Plus technology revolutionizes closure accuracy and flex variability through a complete all-in-one system. With hassle-free effort, snowboarding enthusiasts can bomb a hill full-throttle with total support, and then adjust to a softer boot profile on the go with ease. The boot that resonates with a trailblazer like Pat Moore serves every kind of snowboarder in any terrain or condition imaginable, from big mountain to backcountry to park, and beyond.


Moore testifies, “I use all of the customizable features of the Infuse as my season evolves. This last season, I set up a new pair by heat molding the liners and using the Boa and lace system to wear the boots at a medium flex to ride park and street. Switching to backcountry, I put in the tongue stiffeners and crank the Boa down to add support for powder riding. Then, when it’s time for spring slush conditions, I take the tongue stiffeners out for a loose boot to just mess around and have fun in.”


As part of Vans’ global snowboarding team, Pat has proven himself as one of the most exciting people in snowboarding today. With multiple X Games medals under his belt and a slew of covers and video parts being published regularly, Pat’s powerful style is not one to be trifled with. Around the globe, peers will attest to Pat Moore as one of the best all-around riders in the game and for that caliber of riding, the New Hampshire-native demands the same versatility from his snowboard boot. The Pat Moore Infuse boot is available online and in stores now. To learn more about Vans snow boot technology and find an authorized dealer near you, visit


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