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Salad Days Magazine | June 13, 2024

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Venerea announce new album!

Venerea announce new album!
Salad Days

While taking it a bit easier in the past few years Venerea is now back with a new high energy anthem­packed album ‘Last Call For Adderall’!

All four Venereans contributed to the songwriting for the record. With a pool of 40 songs spanning 15 years, the band chose the 14 most energetic & hook­driven, aiming for a classic skate punk sound. The band sounds fresher than ever before, still fighting and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.
VENEREA first rose to infamy during the Swedish mid­nineties punk boom, along with bands such as Millencolin, No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers. They have toured extensively through Europe and beyond, alternating numerous headlining stints with package tours and festivals such as Vans Off The Wall, sharing stages with everyone from SNFU and Bad Religion to Nofx and Propagandhi. Their releases include genre­defining albums such as ‘Both Ends Burning’, ‘Shake Your Booty’, ‘Loosing Weight Gaining Ground’, ‘One Louder’ among others… ‘Last call for Adderall’ is the band newest release since 2010′s and will be supported by a tour marking Venerea‘s return to the stage.

Daniel “Dana“ Johansson: Guitars
Mikael “Mike“ Persson: Bass & Vocals
Andreas “Anden“ Flygare: Guitars & Vocals
Martin Svensson: Drums


16.04.16 DE Neunkirchen ­ Antattack Festival

26.04.16 DE Berlin ­ Bi Nuu

27.04.16 DE Cologne ­ Underground

28.04.16 DE Wiesbaden ­ Schlachthof

30.04.16 BE Meerhout ­ Groezrock

30.07.16 FR Paris ­ Gibus

more to follow…

Venerea ‘Last Call For Adderall’
Destiny­166 / Dirty Six 002­1
LP / CD / Digit. DL
under assistance of Dirty Six Records
Release: April 29th 2016
Broken Silence / Finetunes
CD EAN: 4250137208855
File under: Punk / Hardcore / Skate


1. Going Home 2 :57

2. The Beans & The Grinder 2:41

3. Raising My Game 2:23

4. Mark Of Cain 2:53

5. Not My Country 1:59

6. Under Siege 2:47

7. I’m Waiting For Her To Kill Herself 1:50

8. The Final Wall 2:14

9. Vicious Circle 2:42

10. Now You’re Gone 2:53

11. Enemies Of The Alliance 2:09

12. Times Are Hard 2:39

13. A Bigger Man 2:31

14. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye 1:53

DESTINY RECORDS +++ Oranienstr.24 +++ 10999 Berlin Germany
records@destiny­ +++ phone: ++49 30 614 0102­03

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