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Salad Days Magazine | July 14, 2024

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Volcom presents: the Kyle Walker Signature Collection

Volcom presents: the Kyle Walker Signature Collection
Salad Days

Volcom is proud to announce the release of the Kyle Walker Signature Collection, a limited-edition capsule of apparel and accessories inspired by the streets and created by Kyle himself.

K-Walks really needs no introduction, for the last few years, the kid has been on a highly publicized killing spree. Attacking the biggest, kinkiest rails and riding away clean. Turning the roughest and toughest spots into incredible clips with uncanny control and nesse. From Volcom’s 2016 release ‘Holy Stokes’ to his mind-bending ender in ‘No Other Way’ to winning skateboarding’s ultimate honor, Thrasher’s 2016 Skate Of The Year award, Kyle has become one of today’s most recognized, respected, and influential pros. Volcom‘s proud to say that Kyle has been a team rider for over ten years and this new collection is celebration of all that he’s achieved.




The Kyle Walker Signature Collection includes a hooded pullover feece, a custom kinkade jean, a short sleeve crew neck top and a polo, plus long and short sleeve logo t-shirts and a beanie.

Available in stores and online now at

Filmed by: Lannie Rhodes Ant Travis
Edited by: Lannie Rhodes
Music by: Antwon ‘Living Every Dream’ Album: ‘End Of Earth’


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