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Salad Days Magazine | July 16, 2024

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Volcom | Strange Brains

Volcom | Strange Brains
Salad Days

Volcom | Strange Brains | Strange Brains is a rider made web series. Check out the first of the Euro edits right now!

It’s not a competition of who’s on the weirdest mission. It’s just a celebration of your mental calibration. Wavelengths flutter like a bird that’s stuck in butter. Felling gray matter with a stack of cruddy clutter. Strange Brains from the strange brain of: gonzalo zubizarreta
edit: pocholo
producers: matt shuster, simon young
music: los locos hongos “metes miedo” and the goons of doom “santiago”
capturers: pocholo,juan luis zubizarreta,ginés diaz,bruno novoa,pietro franca,sylvain frei,carlos martinez-pénalver
actors: santiago zubizarreta, benjamin l
theme song creators/performers: ozzie wright, mike aho
strange brains graphics: ozzie wright, mike aho
veeco productions 2013
For more Strange Brains webisodes
Volcom Europe Surf Dept.
Baia Park, Anglet, 64600


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