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Salad Days Magazine | May 25, 2024

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Watch the Spy Jersey Series video now!

Watch the Spy Jersey Series video now!
Salad Days

The Spy Jersey Series was never one to make it to class before the bell.

Inspired by the iconic look and feel of a high school letterman’s jacket, with the classic styling of team jerseys, the Jersey Series will bring back your glory days one colorway at a time.

Jeremy McGrath, the legend, the badass, the… security guard? Former big man on campus, “MC” lives out his glory days by roaming the high school grounds he once claimed control over. As an ongoing tradition, Axell Hodges and company steal McGrath’s beloved letterman’s jacket, and all hell breaks loose when McGrath finds out. From the locker room, through corridors, waking up study hall, down doubled school stairs and more, a moto chase for the ages ensues across campus. Until McGrath recovers his jacket, the prank is still alive and well. Will McGrath regain his glory, or will the younger crew pull off this classic prank yet again?

About the Jersey Series:
SPY’s MX Jersey Series is a series of MX goggle colorways inspired by the iconic look of a varsity letterman jacket and infused with an ample amount of rebel. The Jersey Series collection is guaranteed to make any rider the big man on campus. With simplistic stripes and athletic inspired material textures, the four different color combinations are perfect for reliving your glory days.

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