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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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Watch ‘Untitled V2′ feat. Dion Agius

Watch ‘Untitled V2′ feat. Dion Agius
Salad Days

No one likes a cold, drawn-out Winter with no waves, especially not in the middle of a pandemic-induced lockdown, and especially not Dion Agius.

“It’s been a weird time for me in Taz,” says Dion. “I’ve been going a little stir crazy. The winters are cold here and there are no waves. I’ve been here all winter.”

So, when the opportunity presented itself to Dion, in-between lockdowns, to leave the Tasmanian terrarium for pastures warmer, he sprung at the chance. With a 5’6″ Untitled V2 in the board bag and filmer / photographer Nick Green in tow, Dion snuck over to an NZ spot, one he keeps under his hat and one that very rarely breaks. The accompanying 2:23 worth of footage is the result. Clearly, these winter fruits were worth the squeeze and sometimes the grass is that little bit greener. Read the full write up here.

Filmed and edited: Nick Green

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