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Salad Days Magazine | May 22, 2024

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Why collectors buy graffiti art at Kolly Gallery

Why collectors buy graffiti art at Kolly Gallery
Salad Days

New video of #INFLVENCERS – Interview with Julien Kolly | Video Recap of Europa™ by Moses & Taps™

A new video of #INFLVENCERS. “With this video series I interview the most interesting figures in the world of Graffiti Art I meet. I had the pleasure to visit Julien Kolly in Zurich (Switzerland), and to attend the vernissage of ‘EUROPA™’ – the solo show by MOSES & TAPS™. This is the third time I meet mr. Kolly after the show ‘Corporate Identity’ in Hamburg and the show ‘Swiss Cheese’ in Paris. I was impressed by the level of professionalism, honesty and the way Julien direct his businesses (both his gallery and the advertising agency). This motivated me to visit him in Zurich, to interview him and to share it with you.” – Boris

In this 18 minutes feature you will learn:

-What is his relation with graffiti
-Why there is no street art in Kolly Gallery
-Why he doesn’t hide the word graffiti from the description of his gallery
-Why collectors buy graffiti art
-Does his collectors like tags and why
-How he choses the artists of Kolly Gallery
-Why he chose MOSES & TAPS™ and how he build the relation
-How MOSES & TAPS™ “seduced” all collectors
-What is the link between his gallery and agency
-What makes Kolly Gallery different than any other gallery
-What is his opinion about art auctions
-What are his plans for the future

Directed & Produced by Good Guy Boris

Julien Kolly
Kolly Gallery Zurich (CH)
& Vingtneuf Degres Friburg (CH)

EUROPA™ – Solo exhibition by MOSES & TAPS™
16 June – 16 July 2016

Seefeldstrasse 56, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

The Grifters™
Hristo Smirnenski str.7
Sofia 1164

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