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Salad Days Magazine | July 18, 2024

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XCEL Wetsuits adds Reubyn Ash to the Team

XCEL Wetsuits adds Reubyn Ash to the Team
Salad Days

Reubyn Ash grew up in Bude, a small seaside town in north Cornwall, England, UK. From as young as 4, Reubyn was in the ocean learning his trade.

At age 18, Ash had established himself as a competitive surfer and took a different direction, setting his sights filming video sections, capturing his innovative airs and barrels across the globe. The surf media has appreciated these sections internationally and Reubyn Ash is highly regarded as the UK’s best free surfer. With this much surfing experience through cold British winters, Reubyn knows the importance of using a wetsuit that not only keeps you warm but also is lightweight and flexible. For this reason, Reubyn chooses to wear XCEL Wetsuits.

Reubyn commented:

“I am stoked to join the XCEL team! Having tested the suits for a while now I can appreciate the great quality and am blown away by the warmth and comfort I get in the water”

Reuban Ash joins the likes of Albee Layer and Noa Deane to represent XCEL wetsuits worldwide.


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