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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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Youth Brigade release new official music video ‘Sink With California’

Youth Brigade release new official music video ‘Sink With California’
Salad Days

Reissue iconic punk record ‘Sound & Fury’ via Trust Records – in stores Oct 20.

Youth Brigade is an American hardcore punk band formed in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, in 1980 by the brothers Mark, Adam and Shawn Stern. The band subsequently founded the independent punk label, BYO (Better Youth Organization) as well. The band’s first year of existence was as a six piece but played their first gig as a three piece on New Year’s Eve 1981 at Godzilla’s nightclub. They were also part of the big BYO extravaganza “Youth Movement ’82″ at the Hollywood Palladium, where 3500 people showed up for an all-Los Angeles bill. In the summer of 1982, after recording three tracks for the first BYO record release ‘Someone Got Their Head Kicked In’ (compilation), Youth Brigade set out in a big yellow school bus on an ambitious 30-city North American tour with fellow hardcore band Social Distortion. The now classic 1984 film, ‘Another State Of Mind’, chronicled the event. After about 30 shows and several breakdowns, they returned home to record their debut LP ‘Sound & Fury’ with the record producer, Thom Wilson. A premature version of the LP had been rushed together before the ‘Another State Of Mind’ tour but pressing was stopped at 800 copies, as the band was not satisfied with the quality of the material or production. In 1983, the band returned home and decided to record a second album entitled ‘Sound & Fury’, keeping only four tracks from the original. That version is now considered one of the greatest punk records of all time. Archival record label, Trust Records is pleased to announce they will reissue a standard and deluxe version of ‘Sound & Fury’ which includes remastered audio from both versions of the original analog tapes by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic. The limited pressing will also include a 65-page hardcover book, debossed with silver foil, featuring never before published photos from photographers Alison Braun, Edward Colver, Glen E. Friedman along with rare flyers, unique memorabilia and artefacts. Of the release, Youth Brigade and BYO co-founder Shawn Stern tells, “A lot of life has happened in the 40 years since we recorded ‘Sound & Fury’. We’ve traveled all over playing these songs and it’s really wonderful to know that people are still interested in our music and that it continues to inspire people. Reissuing the record as a box set is exciting for us and we hope you enjoy listening and reading about the band as we know we couldn’t do this without your support!” Youth Brigade have also shared a new official music video for ‘Sound & Fury’’s hit track ‘Sink With California’. Shawn recalls, “Coming off our very first tour in the fall of 1982 that was documented in the movie ‘Another State Of Mind’ where we had some great experiences, I started writing down ideas for the song ‘Sink With California’. We traveled all across the U.S. and Canada, met a lot of kids and saw the profound effect that punk rock music and ideals had on small scenes in so many cities. That was the inspiration to write an anti-nationalism song that celebrates the common bonds we have and the belief that working together is the way to change the problems humanity has created. We’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m honored to see that so many decades later our music is still necessary and relevant.”

‘Sound & Fury’ (1983), digital and standard, reissue tracklisting:

Side A

Sink With California
Modest Proposal
Men in Blue (Part 1)
Sound & Fury
Fight To Unite
Jump Back
Blown Away

Side B

Live Life
What Are You Fighting For
Did You Wanna Die
You Don’t Understand
The Circle
Duke Of Earl
What Will The Revolution Change


More About Trust Records:

Trust Records, launched in 2020, was formed to give classic punk and hardcore records the home that they deserve. The great records of this genre sprung from DIY roots to influence millions of disaffected kids around the world. As we now move into the “streaming age”, it’s crucial to keep their spirit and legacy alive. Trust’s focus is to ensure this music is available for all future generations while also getting the story and quality right.

Photo by Alison Braun (1982)

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