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Salad Days Magazine | July 23, 2024

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Alt-hardcore band Riot Stares share new single and video ‘Trip Chain’

Alt-hardcore band Riot Stares share new single and video ‘Trip Chain’
Salad Days

Announce ‘Sounds Of Acceleration’ LP set for release January 20th on DAZE.

Today, Charleston, SC band Riot Stares have announced their new album ‘Sounds Of Acceleration’ set for release January 20th on DAZE. Having already shared the standalone single ‘Relief Technique’, the band follow it up with ‘Trip Chain’ out now. The track wastes no time making an impact, hitting hard with chunky, groove-driven guitars. The band’s fusion of hardcore and alternative rock exudes a relentless energy, only matched by the live performance moments in the video. ‘Sounds Of Acceleration’ was recorded and mixed by John Howard at War House Recordings (Ecostrike, Yashira) in Gainesville, FL and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Mindforce, End It) in Portland, OR. It follows the band’s previously released EP’s, ‘Riot Stares’ (2016) and ‘Let The Phase Speak’ (2017). Taking just as much influence from bands like Quicksand and Orange 9mm as they do the Beastie Boys, Riot Stares has created a unique sonic style. The ten songs on the record provide a sense of exhilaration, aggressive and vibrant at the same time. As the band puts it, “We were trying to give the sense that you’re stuck in something you don’t have any control of and that everything’s happening fast and you can’t slow it down.” Following the passing of guitarist Issy Varoumas, Riot Stares has stated the album will be their final release.

Riot Stares is Brad Marino (vocals), Patrick Peck (guitar), Dylan Walker (bass), Tyler Hall (drums), Issy Varoumas (guitar).

Photo Credit: James Byrnes

‘Sounds Of Acceleration’ Tracklist:
1. Shockwave
2. Relief Technique
3. Trip Chain
4. Drive
5. Quick Fix (ft. Chaka Malik)
6. Try To Spin
7. Dead Issue
8. Burst
9. Flow To The Friction
10. In Motion


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